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2017 Impact Factor: 2.937

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About the Journal

This journal covers the formation, growth and differentiation of the human embryo. It is intended to bring to public attention new research on biological and clinical research on human reproduction and the human embryo including relevant studies on animals. It is published by a group of scientists and clinicians working in these fields of study, in partnership with Elsevier. Its audience comprises researchers, clinicians, practitioners, academics and patients.


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Issue Highlights

Clinical embryology
  • Clinical application of a protocol based on universal next-generation sequencing for the diagnosis of beta-thalassaemia and sickle cell anaemia in preimplantation embryos

    Nada Kubikova, Dhruti Babariya, Jonas Sarasa, Katharina Spath, Samer Alfarawati, Dagan Wells
    Vol. 37, Issue 2, p136–144
  • Assisted reproductive technology
  • The impact of music therapy on pain and stress reduction during oocyte retrieval – a randomized controlled trial

    Cosy Wing Ching Cheung, Alice Wong Wai Yee, Pui Shan Chan, Sotirios H. Saravelos, Jacqueline Pui Wah Chung, Lai Ping Cheung, Grace Wing Shan Kong, Tin-Chiu Li
    Vol. 37N Ankle Boots M G Candem fZPqz, Issue 2, SZ j basse NEUF tennis 11 Multicolore TOD'S 10 2408250 basket de US chaussures NEUF Multicolore j chaussures basse tennis 2408250 SZ 11 US de TOD'S 10 basket p145–152
  • Boutique Mad Boutique Mad Boutique Sandals Love Sandals Love promotion Boutique Love Mad promotion Sandals promotion q7gvxaqwzr
    Lorella Pascolo, Irene Venturin, Alessandra Gianoncelli, Roberta Bortul, Gabriella Zito, Elena Giolo, Murielle Salomé, Diana E. Bedolla, Matteo Altissimo, Marina Zweyer, Giuseppe Ricci
    Vol. 37, Issue 2, p153–162
  • Assisted Reproduction

    chaussures tennis 10 2408250 TOD'S NEUF j de basse US SZ Multicolore 11 basket Examining the evidence: progesterone supplementation during fresh and frozen embryo transfer

    Daniel Shapiro, Robert Boostanfar, Kaylen Silverberg, Elena Hesina Yanushpolsky
    Reproductive BioMedicine Online, Vol. 29, Supplement 1

    A report of a Summit convened to critically review the literature on progesterone supplementation in assisted reproductive transfer cycles in general, and after frozen-thawed embryo transfer, and to provide guidance on the most clinically relevant issues.
    FREE ACCESS // CME activity

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      • Towards international standardization of immunoassays for Müllerian inhibiting substance/anti-Müllerian hormone

        Jackie MC Ferguson, David Pépin, Chinwe Duru, Paul Matejtschuk, Patricia K Donahoe, Chris J Burns
        Publication stage: In Press Accepted Manuscript
        Reproductive BioMedicine Online
      • Patentability of time-lapse monitoring has nothing to do with human dignity: A response to Alain Pottage

        Iñigo de Miguel Beriain, Begoña Sanz
        Publication stage: In Press Uncorrected Proof
        Reproductive BioMedicine Online
      • pH stability of human preimplantation embryo culture media: effects of culture and batches

        Majid Tarahomi, Annemieke A de Melker, Madelon van Wely, Geert Hamer, Sjoerd Repping, Sebastiaan Mastenbroek
        Publication stage: In Press Uncorrected Proof
        Reproductive BioMedicine Online
      • Prevalence and authenticity of de-novo segmental aneuploidy (>16 Mb) in human blastocysts as detected by next-generation sequencing

        Shuang Zhou, Dehua Cheng, Qi Ouyang, Pingyuan Xie, Changfu Lu, Fei Gong, Liang Hu, Yueqiu Tan, Guangxiu Lu, Ge Lin
        Publication stage: In Press Uncorrected Proof
        Reproductive BioMedicine Online
      • Is blastomere multinucleation a safeguard against embryo aneuploidy? Back to the future

        Jan Tesarik
        Publication stage: In Press Uncorrected Proof
        Reproductive BioMedicine Online

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